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by on October 13, 2012 at 9:44 pm
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Klasik Nasional FM Live Streaming (Capsule)


Klasik Nasional FM Online Streaming Logo listenradiostreaming.comListen klasik Nasional(National classic) FM online streaming free is a Malaysian FM radio.This Radio is started out their transmission in 1946(Singapore).That Radio station was divided into two Radio stations after the independence of  Malaya.The original studio named Radio Singapura is present in Singapore as well as the other studio moved to Kuala Lumpur known as Radio Malaya and starting their live transmission on January 1, 1959.

Klasik Nasional FM

From April 19, 1971 it broadcast their transmission 24 hours a day that is the first country Radio Malaya,that was known as Rangkaian Nasional (National Network) who broadcast a long time transmission.This radio was started out by various names.From 1 January 1992 (Radio 1),September 1, 1998 (Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 ) and lastly it works with their current name from June 2005.Nasional FM easily available online from January 1, 2001.

Now this is the most popular and listening FM radio station,you can easily listen online free here 24 hour a day,Their fantastic and loving transmission is a heart touching,Hope you really enjoy.For more information you may visit their official website i.e (klasiknasional.rtm.gov.my)


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