Green Radio 89.2 FM Online Streaming

by on March 8, 2013 at 6:15 am

Green Radio 89.2 FM Online

Green Radio 89.2 FM Jakarta

Green Radio 89.2Fm is Indonesian language radio station broadcast from Jakarta.The owner is PT. Melim Premium Sound,Its main vision and focus is to save the environment,its Broad cast 18 Hours per day from Monday to Sunday,It also cooperate with Nation Government and Province of DKI Jakarta includes the private parties,Genre of Green radio 89.2 Fm is Latin Jazz,Current issues of Green Radio areĀ  Here you can also listen Mustang 88 FM.

Slogan: “The Eco-lifestyle of Jakarta”

Stay With Us while streams starts automatically

Jl. Utan Kayu No. 68H
Jakarta Timur 13120


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