Elshinta Radio Streaming Jakarta Online

by on March 8, 2013 at 6:05 am
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Elshinta Radio Streaming Jakarta

Elshinta Radio Indonesia Online

Radio elshinta broad cast from Jakarta Indonesia.manly it plays News and specialty Talk, Indonesian based Radio Elshinta provide the special services for the people of Indonesia like current information about fires,crime,traffic jams,missing persons,car theft etc.Manly Programs are BBC, CRI,Interactiva discussion,opinion,comments and solutions,Elshinta as well as Elshinta Radio Morning,Lunch and after launch News and Talk edition,which are works as a service providers for the people of Indonesia. Elshinta Radio also Famous as “Info From You”.

The Stream of Elishinta Radio Online Starts Automatically. . . . .

source: www.elshinta.com



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