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Here is the list of Malaysia FM Radio Stations,You can listen live FM stations of your choice.See here the complete list with frequencies,AM and FM Radio Stations of Malaysia,Private and Government called (RTM) owned radios that’s  available in the nationwide.You can fully enjoy FM Radios in different languages like English, Malay, Iban, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, Jakun, Semai, Temiar, Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, Orang, Asli, Vietnamese, Thai, Lao,Burmese, Khmer, Cantonese, Kadazandusun, Bajau, Murut, Dusun, Murut and other languages.All type of  Radios with different Genres like Talk, Music, Islamic, news,religious, sports and much more other tastes are free present here.                                          

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UFM Radio

Negeri Fm

Terengganu FM

Pahang Fm

My Fm Radio

Sabah FM Radio

Fly FM95.8

HoT FM Raido

Cats FM Radio

MiX FM Radio

LiT FM Radio

Hitz Fm

Muzik Fm Radio

Sinar Radio

Suria Fm Radio

Nasyid Radio

Red Fm Radio

Selangor Fm Radio

Gegar Fm Radio

Traxx Fm Radio

XFM Radio

Mutiara Radio

Melaka FM

Manis Radio

Kelantan FM Malaysia

kedah FM

Ikimfm FM Radio

Era FM Radio

Desa FM

BFM89.9 Malaysia

Best104 FM Malaysia

988FM Malaysia

Ai FM Radio

One FM Malaysia

klasik Nasional FM

History Of Malaysian FM Radio Stations

Malaysian FM Radio Stations history is very old,In 1921 A.L Birch a electrical engineer brought a radio set from Johore Government in Malaysia.After that he established a Wireless Association Company in Kuala Lumpur & Pehang.The totally efforts of Sir Shenton Thomas who open the Malaya Broadcasting Corporation Station in the country first time on 11th March 1937.This first station start their live broadcasting from Kuala Lumpur in 1956.The Television station service was first time start their broadcasting in 1969.After with the passage of time both institutions handles by the Information Ministry of Malaysia.Electronic Media is the most important for every country as well as the Information Technology(IT). There are total 19 private and 34 Government Radios in the whole country.There are some international stations are also available in the country such as BBC World Service,Voice of Vietnam,Suara Malaysia & ,China Radio International and internet radios .All the Radio Stations air their transmission 24 hours a day.Every station have a differ frequency in the various states.

Peoples of Malaysia love to listen FM stations.All the radio stations are very popular across the country as well as their RJ’s and DJ’s.The stations done their work with fully committed way.Johor,Kedah,Kelantan,Malaca,Pehang,Perak, Perlis, Peneng,sabah,selangar and other states as well as major cities of the country who have their own FM stations.

Information About Malaysia:

  • CapitalName: Kuala Lumpur
  • Dialing code Number: 60
  • Currency Name: Ringgit
  • Rligion: Islam
  • Type Of Government: Federation, Parliamentary system, Elective monarchy, Constitutional monarchy, Federal monarchy
  • Official language Name: Malaysian language
  • Total Population Approximately: 28,859,154 (2011) World Bank
  • Total GDP: 278.7 billion USD (2011) World Bank

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